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Update #20: Aksum bar counter, dialogue system, lip sync animations, character shadows and hyena update

Radio Silence Studios

3. März 2024

Dear adventurers and backers!

It's definitely time for another development update, so here it is!

Bar counter in Aksum

As announced in the Kickstarter campaign, some of the backers had the privilege of having their names inscribed on the bar counter in the oriental café in Aksum. While the font and names are not final yet, the background is finished and I'm very happy with it:


Hyena animation update


Dialogue System

It's no secret that my game is heavily inspired by the original version of Broken Sword 1/2. While text-based dialogue systems are not bad at all, it was clear to me to introduce a dialogue system based on graphics, just like in 1996. Here you can see my first attempts, all in progress:

We also added some nice detail to the carcass on the right side of the screen - for a good reason, as you'll see when you solve a certain puzzle later on ;)

Of course, we also added these shadows to the walk animations, here is an example:


Shadows for Bryan's character 

Not much work but it makes a huge difference:

New close-up scene 

Obviously there is a little puzzle to be solved with the dangerous horned viper, so I decided to create a separate close-up scene for it. This way, the effort to create the snake animation is shown appropriately:


Lip-sync animations for other characters 

Since you will be talking to a lot of NPCs in the game, they will all need some animations during their dialogues. This is far from finished for all NPCs, but here are some cool examples from the market scene in Aksum:

As always, thank you for your time, love and support!


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