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Welcome to the official website for our upcoming adventure game!
So...what's this game all about?


The Adventures of Bryan Scott is a new 2D point & click adventure, that combines classic elements from games like "Broken Sword" and "Deponia"


 The Art Style

We work together with artists, who have already worked in the game industry and who are responsible for creating the wonderful art style in our game.


bryanscottgame_items_diary Kopie.PNG

Inventory & Interface

Of course, we admit that we particularly liked the graphical user interface of well-known adventure games. So why reinvent the wheel? Nonetheless, our game has its very own graphic fingerprint.

All graphics were lovingly and painstakingly handcrafted to revive the nostalgia of older adventure games. Here are just a few of them:

cursor_interagieren_final_blackoutline Kopie.webp




Game Content Overview 

multiple playable characters

hand drawn high resolution backgrounds

traditional frame-by-frame animation

atmospheric orchestral soundtrack

easy to use 1-click interface

fully voiced in English and German

Subtitles in German, English, Spanish,
Italian, French, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian

including voices from Rolf Saxon & Alexander Schottky,
known from the Broken Sword Series


Free Playable Demo coming soon

At the moment we are working hard on a demo version of the game. Please follow us on Discord and social media to keep track about the development.

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