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In short, we are honored to work with so many talented
and well-known voice actors!

 Rolf Saxon

Known for the English voice of George Stobbart from Broken Sword

as well as extensive work in film, television and theatre.

 Hazel Ellerby

The famous voice of Nicole Collard, already agreed to the role as Kate Williams - which made us very happy. We're very honored to have you with us Hazel!

 Alexander Schottky

Well-Known for the German voice of George Stobbart from Broken Sword. Alexander worked as voice actor for games like "The Settlers III" and "Wolfenstein: The New Order".

 Bodo Henkel

Known as voice actor for many games such as "Gothic", "Risen",
"Final Fantasy XV", "ELEX", "Anno 1800" and "Borderlands 3".

 Peter Weis

We visited Peter and his wife in Hamburg to record the parts of 
his character "Uncle Henry". He worked on countless audio books
and appeared in "Broken Sword II" as voice actor.

 Paul Held

Paul is a professional native speaker and musician from the USA.
He worked on many imagefilms and marketing spots and is now 
living in Germany.

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